Conversations with Nicholas Kralev is a TV series that examines the practice of diplomacy in the 21st century. It features interviews with working and former diplomats at all levels — from the most senior to relatively fresh additions to the ranks — as well as military and intelligence officials, journalists and foreign policy experts.

USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah
Harvard Professor Joseph Nye
Sports Diplomacy with Michelle Kwan
Spying and Diplomacy with John Negroponte
Deputy Secretary of State William Burns

Do Presidents Trust the Foreign Service?

By letting career diplomats at the State Department languish, the White House is wasting one of its greatest assets — at its own peril

The main reason the White House does not seem to fully trust the Foreign Service, many career and political appointees say, is that the institution is poorly equipped and ill-prepared to deal with today’s thorniest challenges. The American Academy of Diplomacy said the State Department is “neither educating its staff to the professional level of our allies and competitors nor systematically preparing its future ‘bench’ to assume senior roles”…

USAtodayTake Politics Out of Diplomacy

Let’s stop pimping American ambassadorships out to the highest bidders

Diplomacy is easy and anyone can do it. This is the message U.S. presidents of both parties have been sending the American people and the world for decades. They have done so not verbally, but through their actions, giving away ambassadorial posts as rewards to unqualified people only because they were top fundraisers during the presidents’ election campaigns…

AtlanticThe White House’s Secret Diplomatic Weapon

Deputy secretary of state wins accolades, but the Foreign Service struggles to find the next Bill Burns

William J. Burns has been the secret weapon of U.S. secretaries of state for more than two decades, serving consecutively under three Republicans and three Democrats. So it came as no surprise that John Kerry wanted to be the seventh chief diplomat to lean daily on Burns, currently the country’s highest-ranking career diplomat, by keeping him on as deputy secretary of state, a position to which Burns was appointed by Hillary Clinton…

Being good at raising money doesn’t make you a good diplomat
America’s other army
What makes a good secretary of state?


SJO 013Airlines abuse check-in deadlines

Have you ever been told by an airline agent that you had missed the check-in deadline, even though you arrived at the airport well before the published cutoff time? That happened to dozens of Spirit Airlines passengers this week, but it’s nothing new. Agents have been abusing customers for years and have even made them pay penalties…

MIA 033United raises ticket change fees by $50, others follow

United Airlines has quietly increased the fees it charges for voluntary changes on tickets for travel within North America, and between North and Central America by $50 to $200. The change took effect on April 18, according to an internal company advisory sent to employees. The decision makes United the airline with the highest change fees in the affected markets…

American isn’t changing fare-publishing
Swiss Air overplays ‘mistake fare’ excuse
‘Gardening’ your airline reservation


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