Would you like to reduce your company’s air travel expenses by up to 30 percent? Would you like your flying colleagues to enjoy Business Class at a cost lower than what you are now paying for Economy?

As a travel consultant with unique expertise, Nicholas has saved businesses and nonprofit organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many of his clients used to fly in coach — now they enjoy the comfort and luxury of First and Business Class. They have called him a “master,” and his training a “traveler’s dream.”

The corporate travel seminars are designed to prepare your in-house travel manager to create, execute, manage and improve a process that best meets your firm’s needs. In addition to achieving a streamlined, logical and transparent process, the program aims to reduce your company’s spending on travel by up to 30 percent. Your travel manager will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to master the complex airline system, including booking techniques, loyalty programs, dealing with changing tickets and travel disruptions, as well as little-known intelligence, tricks and secrets from the airline industry.

The seminars, which use Decoding Air Travel as a textbook, incorporate workshops with real-time booking exercises.

Below is a sample curriculum. For more details or to book a seminar or webinar, please contact us.


What Others Are Saying

“Since taking Nicholas Kralev’s training, I’ve learned how to get the most out of the air travel system. By following Kralev’s strategies, I save my company money and have a better travel experience.”

Matthew Lauer, Mercuria Energy Trading, Geneva, Switzerland

“This training is truly a traveler’s dream. You have given me the keys to the kingdom of airline pricing. Now I know fare-basis codes, the times fares are changed, and how ‘breaking up’ a fare can yield thousands of dollars of savings. A mandatory tool to save money for frequent fliers and corporations.”

Sara Corcoran, HRSEC Partners, New York

“To learn from Nicholas Kralev is to witness a true master in getting the absolute most out of the airline booking system. These are perfectly practical methods to make the system work to your advantage — just a few steps to get inexpensive flights, ideal itineraries, upgrades, no fees, and free flights. Incredibly revealing and extraordinarily valuable!”

David Aidekman, Adventurati, Washington, DC

Session 1

The Science of Air Travel
How is the fare “sausage” made? Accessing raw airline data. What is an airline tariff? Valid travel days and dates. Blackout dates and surcharges. Penalties for voluntary changes. One-way and round-trip fares.

U.S. Domestic Fares
Cheapest days to book and to fly. Why fare wars are a traveler’s dream. UP fares — Economy or First Class? Standby and same-day confirmed changes. Stopovers and “legal connections.” Transfers and “legal routing.”

International Fares
International taxes, fees and surcharges. International airline tariffs. Valid travel dates and days of the week. Valid flights and carriers. Transfers and “legal routing.” Stopovers and “legal connections.” Changing and canceling a ticket.

Flight Inventory
U.S. domestic flight inventory. Inventory management basics. International flight inventory. “Single” and “married” flights segments.

The Kralev Method
Identifying the lowest fare on the tariff. Is the fare practical and convenient. Can we meet the fare’s conditions? Finding booking-class availability. Matching tariff and inventory data. Real-life application of the Kralev Method.

Outsmarting the System
Beware of “code-share” flights. Fake “direct” flights. False fare advertising. How airlines overcharge customers. When fares jump on you for no reason. Unreliable airline websites. Airfare mistakes.

Session 2

Frequent-Flier Programs
Choosing the best program for you. Earning flight miles. Strategies for maximizing miles. Earning miles without flying. Revenue-based programs. The airline loyalty business. The power of customer feedback.

Global Airline Alliances
Why alliances are good for travelers. Star Alliance. Oneworld. SkyTeam. Round-the-world fares.

Elite Airline Status
Is airline promiscuity cheaper than loyalty? Lowest elite tier. Middle elite tier. Top elite tier. Revenue-based elite tiers. Buying and matching elite status. Maximizing elite benefits.

Seat Upgrades
U.S. domestic upgrades. International upgrades. Operational upgrades. Cash upgrades. Upgrade strategies. Preserving upgrades in case of rebooking.

Airline Award Tickets
How much clout do your miles have? Accessing award inventory. Award-booking strategies. “Tweaking” flight inventory. Airline award fees. United StarNet blocking. Schedule changes on award tickets.