Former Clinton spokesman slams ‘enemy’ charge against cable-leaker

On this week’s episode of “Conversations with Nicholas Kralev,” former State Department and National Security Council spokesman P.J. Crowley talks about how the media covers diplomacy, the impact of the WikiLeaks cables, Army Private Bradley Manning’s trial, and the Arab Spring.

My book ‘America’s Other Army’ is out

The evening news bulletin on Bulgarian National Radio began with a familiar item: Another meeting of the Politburo of the Communist Party’s Central Committee. Then the announcer uttered a sentence that left Bulgarians stunned: The country’s dictator of 35 years, Todor Zhivkov, had been “relieved of his duties.”

It was Nov. 10, 1989. I was only 15 but understood that what had happened was not just a simple personnel change in the government of the Soviet Union’s most trusted satellite. Within minutes — though a day late — I learned about the fall of the Berlin Wall. Those events changed my life more fundamentally than anything else I have experienced before or since.