Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mentioned my departure from the Washington Times during a press conference today. Here is part of the official transcript:

MR. CROWLEY: On his last day of covering the State Department, Nick Kralev of The Washington Times.



SECRETARY CLINTON: We should sing Auld Lang Syne or something. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: Well, thank you very much even without doing it.

Madam Secretary, I’d like to ask you a couple things about the Israeli situation which, as you know, is getting more and more serious by the day. I know there are many unknowns at this point, but do you accept Israel’s argument of self-defense? And do you think that the investigation should be done by Israel or by a third independent party, as other Security Council members have said?

And more broadly, we all know there are so many moving pieces to this. There’s Turkey, there’s Israel and in the Palestinians, there’s Iran, there’s Syria. What are the implications in your mind of this situation to the peace process and in the larger issues in the Middle East? Thanks.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, Nick, on your last day, you’ve asked a very complicated set of interrelated questions. And let me put it into context as I respond…

Later, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley added his own best wishes:

MR. CROWLEY: But before we start, I want to pay tribute to Nick Kralev. It is our last — his last day at the — covering the beat here at the State Department. Nick, best wishes with your upcoming book project.

QUESTION: Thank you, P.J., and thanks for your work and all your help in the last year and a half.

It was time to move on, but I’m sad I’m leaving during Clinton’s tenure. She has been a great secretary to cover and travel with — and she has surprised everyone with her performance in a position she never expected to hold.