Decoding Air Travel

DATDSDecoding Air Travel is the most comprehensive and insightful work to date on the intricacies of the modern air travel system from a customer perspective, and the most effective tool for making travel more affordable, convenient, comfortable and fun.

It’s the only book that can teach you how to save hundreds — even thousands — of dollars per ticket by building your own airfare, how to fly in Business and First Class for the price of coach, and how to enjoy various travel luxuries at no additional cost.

The book has two goals: Improving your travel life and saving you lots of money. It seeks to achieve those goals by helping you become a knowledgeable, empowered and sophisticated traveler who has mastered an increasingly complex and frustrating system and can work it to his or her advantage.

Decoding Air Travel reached #80 on Amazon’s overall bestseller list.

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A globe-trotting author and entrepreneur who has visited almost 100 countries and flown more than 2 million miles, Nicholas decided 15 years ago that knowledge is the most effective key to affordable and comfortable travel. Since then, he has mastered the system and learned how to beat the airlines at their own game, using their own rules.

With this eight-hour, four-session seminar, Nicholas has two goals: to improve your travel life and to save you lots of money. He will help you become an empowered and sophisticated traveler by working an increasingly frustrating system to your advantage.



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Listen to an interview with Nicholas on NPR’s “Weekend Edition” about his book and airline booking techniques.


Reviews by Air Travel Experts

Leff“Nicholas Kralev offers the clearest, best step-by-step guide to understanding the complex world of airline fares. He teaches you how to find the lowest fares, and how to book them even when the travel websites quote you a higher price. People come to me all the time for advice on booking their travel — in the future, I’ll just hand them this book.”

Gary Leff
Author of View From the Wing

LopintoDecoding Air Travel explains very well in plain English the complicated world of airfares and pricing. Being able to have the same information that travel professionals have can take the pain out of buying air travel.”

Chris Lopinto
President of

Sorensen“Nicholas Kralev has crafted an impressive document, which is a very thorough and intelligent resource for savvy travelers. It’s the most conclusive book I’ve read on the topic of airline pricing.”

Jay Sorensen
President of IdeaWorks