‘On the Fly’ Column — 2010

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DEC 22: What’s the real point of airline rankings?

DEC 15: The peculiarities of airline agent training

DEC 07: Is India going too far in curbing airfares?

NOV 23: Does badmouthing airlines help anyone?

NOV 16: Flying with Obama and earning miles

NOV 11: What are your air travel pet peeves?

NOV 02: United keeps free stopovers on awards

OCT 27: U.S. carriers tighten routing rules

OCT 21: Airlines find new way to overcharge fliers

OCT 18: Corporate travel’s lack of innovation

OCT 14: Keeping United international first class

OCT 12: UAE mixes aviation and foreign policy

OCT 07: New Lufthansa business class in a year

OCT 05: Predicting flight delays and cancellations

OCT 01: All your loyalty programs on one screen

SEP 28: DOT should ban fictitious flights

SEP 23: Singapore Airlines’ maddening perfection

SEP 20: How not to sell hotel rooms

SEP 09: Announcing Kralev International travel advisory business

SEP 06: 9/23 is ‘mad as hell day’ over airline fees

SEP 03: Finnair tries creative customer feedback

AUG 28: Why new United should have domestic business — not first — class

AUG 27: Hotels find smoking fines hard to charge

AUG 24: U.S. ESTA trouble for SAS passengers

AUG 19: Clarifying United’s StarNet blocking

AUG 16: 9/11 pilot scholarship plans expansion

AUG 10: Talking air travel for an hour on NPR

AUG 06: Mexicana embarrasses Oneworld alliance

AUG 02: United, Continental execs at odds over loyalty program

JUL 27: When an airfare sale is not quite a sale

JUL 22: British leader flies to DC commercially

JUL 21: US Airways hears feedback, fixes website

JUL 15: Avoiding luggage and other airline fees

JUL 13: Hilton or Starwood? Not even a close call

JUL 09: Preserving upgrades in case of rebooking

JUN 24: U.S. should change ‘international airport’ designation policy

JUN 17: Tired of ‘remote’ gates in Frankfurt

JUN 11: Great hotel and non-smoking conference in Moscow

JUN 10: Flying new United route — rare occurrence

JUN 08: Announcing ‘On the Fly’ Seminars

MAY 31: Time for travel school — you are invited

MAY 24: Round-the-world fare mysteries revealed

MAY 17: Travel companies teach customer-service lessons

MAY 10: Hilton embraces ‘games-players’ / WATCH VIDEO

MAY 03: United’s ‘award’ blocking an issue in Continental merger

APR 26: Flight schedule changes overwhelm agents, travelers

APR 19: Educating the flying public

APR 12: Who gets first meal choice on board?

APR 05: ‘Tweaking’ airlines’ yield management

MAR 29: U.S. has ‘no desire’ to ease airline ownership rules

MAR 22: U.S. airlines handle disruptions best

MAR 15: Free hotel Internet for elites slowly becomes the norm

MAR 08: US Airways’ Web site fails at basics

MAR 01: Airline agents make up U.S. entry rules

FEB 22: When ‘open skies’ aren’t really open

FEB 15: United executive breaks old barriers

FEB 08: Hilton, InterContinental cross swords

FEB 01: Dulles Airport enters the modern age

JAN 25: Donate miles or money to Haiti?

JAN 18: Western carriers return to Iraq

JAN 11: Airlines refuse to honor mistake fares